Our personal trainers offer fitness specific education and advice to help you keep motivated and on track to achieve your personal fitness goals. With a desire to share their passion for health and wellness they can offer the following things:

What our personal trainers can offer you:

  • Help clients achieve their health and fitness goals by setting attainable goals
  • Help to motivate, encourage toward improving overall health and fitness
  • Design, plan & deliver induvial tailored programs suitable to your personal requirements
  • Education on exercise selection, technique and equipment use
  • Help you to be accountable and on track with your fitness goals
  • Help you to get fit for a specific goal short or long term
  • Maximize your results and minimize time waste
  • For continued learning & development in health & fitness
  • Can accommodate your schedule & cater to your time requirements
  • Help you to build confidence within a fitness setting
  • The ability to successfully assess and screen their clients, both initially and progressively
  • A thorough understanding of exercise fundamentals
  • Challenge you to push outside your comfort zone
  • Can help You Train Safely around health conditions
  • 1 one 1 training or small group training and private settings (the zone)
  • Implement plans to track and measure fitness progress for optimal results


SAALC offers a broad variety of personal trainers specializing in martials arts, swimming, strength and conditioning, sports specific, body building, pre and post-natal, Pilates & Olympic lifting you will be able to find a trainer that caters to your needs. We offer multiple areas in which you can work with our trainers such as:

  • The zone (functional training area)
  • Strength and conditioning studio
  • One on mat Pilates and reformer Pilates

Whether your goal is to increase your 1rep max on your deadlift, improve your beep test to get into the police force or get fit for an event, we can match you with a trainer to help you achieve your goals.

A personal trainer is for you if you are lacking confidence within a fitness setting, to upskill & broaden your knowledge, you want to be challenged, not seeing results, lack accountability & consistency, wanting to build exercise technique, have a specific training goal short or long term or simply wanting stainable changes for a fit and healthy lifestyle.