We are pleased to introduce Tarneit YMCA Early Learning Centre’s Centre Manager: Jasmin-Maree (Jaz) Tonga.

Passionate about early learning education, Jaz has rolled up her sleeves and is shaping a centre which nurtures the curiosity of local children and encourages learning.


How long have you been working in early learning education and how long have you worked with the Y?

I have been working with the Y for two years now with previous experience working in the before and after school care and also within the early learning sector.


What do you bring to this role?

I am committed to working hard for the children and their families. I will provide support and leadership to all of the staff.

I want to ensure that everyone is treated equally with respect, kindness and compassion at the centre. I also want to provide high quality standards of educational care.


What do you find fulfilling about early learning education?

You are a part of a child’s life and you get to a part of the development stages in their lives. As an educator you have the impact to provide quality care and knowledge as well as provide experiences that will enhance a child’s development. That, to me, is priceless.


What are you most excited about in your role as centre manager? 

I’m excited to bring my creative ideas to this brand new centre. It’s also an opportunity to display all my experiences and knowledge with others to shape a high quality program.


What are 5 words your friends would use to describe you: 

Organised, funny, loving, reliable and patient.


What do you enjoy doing most on the weekends? 

Being with my family and close friends. I take pride in making sure my family are looked after and enjoy catching up with close friends.


What do you think will make Tarneit YMCA Early Learning Centre unique?

It will be unique due to the open learning opportunities that will come out of the new purpose built centre. At Tarneit YMCA Early Learning Centre children will be able to instil their love of learning, nurture curiosity and reach their full potential. 


What do you look for when hiring for your team?

I will look for passionate individuals who are able to think outside the box, problem solve and are confident when communicating. A strong understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards is a benefit.

As a Manager I value people who respect the needs of children, treat everyone equally and always are striving to grow.

Our Careers page has more information on the recruitment process.


Jaz invites your family to visit our Tarneit centre for a guided tour. A member of our team will welcome you, answer your questions, and guide you through our indoor and outdoor spaces.

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